Even Mother Nature seemed to have had enough of the gypsy moth plague!

Just weeks ago, we were all agonizing over the swarm of caterpillars noshing on our beloved trees and destroying the oak population.  We saw our surrounding greenery losing a never ending war and even our gardens were experiencing the beginnings of an inevitable invasion.

Thankfully, we can now all breathe a collective sigh of relief because the nightmare is officially over thanks to Mother Nature’s wonderful system of checks and balances.  Thanks to those awesome April rain showers, they brought back more than just May flowers…

They made it possible for a special gypsy moth-killing fungus to bloom!   CT Mirror reports that the Japanese fungus is called Entomophaga maimagia and its sole purpose is managing the caterpillars’ numbers.  Hence, the great gypsy moth die-off has begun!

State Entomologist Dr. Kirby Stafford told the mirror, “We are now seeing widespread caterpillar mortality from the fungus. It is likely that this pathogen will knock back the gypsy moth population and help prevent another large outbreak in 2017.”

Thanks to this fungus, we can put the bug spray down for the next couple of years because it put a major dent in the gypsy moth population, which will take years to recover.

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