Noooo, say it ain’t so!  Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that our gas companies are greedy.  So greedy, in fact, they aim to renege on their promise that gas prices will never rise above $3 again.

Welp. The honeymoon is over, people.

Stamford Daily Voice confirms that gas prices will start creeping up well through the spring.   If you already noticed, gas prices moved upwards last month.  Also, the new state average of $2.69 is 30 cents more expensive than this time last year.

As of right now, the national average for a gallon of gasoline is $2.52.  However, AAA experts predict the average will peak at $2.70 by the start of the summer.

Considering CT’s prices are almost 20 cents higher than the national average, and that Governor Malloy wants to add 7 cents to the gas tax… we’re screwed.   Then again, if you believed we’d never see prices hit $3 again, you seriously underestimated corporate greed.

Remember how prices were supposed to go down after Texas cleaned up after Hurricane Harvey?  Yeah, and that happened when…?

Anyways, AAA also said gas prices will receive an additional boost when refineries switch over to their more expensive “summer blend.”

Experts also say increased demand drove up the price at the pump and for crude oil overseas.

So, when will we start to see these higher prices?  Early April.

Then again, those who drive cars that require more expensive fuel, like diesel, don’t see that much of an issue with the rising prices.  Or, maybe they do.

When gas goes up, recreation in the state plummets since people need to drive for a very long time to go just about anywhere fun.  You know, that’s the major problem with us not having mass transportation.

That said, AAA released some “helpful hints” that’ll help us save gas.  Surprisingly, riding a bike was not the #1 suggestion.

AAA recommends slowing down, carpooling, not using your trunk for storage, and combining errands.

Either way, if regular unleaded  gas hits $3, don’t expect it to go down anytime soon.  Instead, start wondering when we’ll start seeing the $4 and $5 price tags at the pump again.

Do you think we’ll ever see $2 gas again if this happens?  How do you think this’ll affect the car industry?

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