The race for $3.00 at the pump is officially on.  Gas prices jumped by 3 cents in the state since last week.  However, that’s $0.33 cents higher than around this time last year.

Aspetuck News reports that the state’s new average for a gallon of gas rose to $2.74.   Apparently refineries switching over to their “more expensive summer blend” caused the inflation.  So, expect prices to keep going up for the next several weeks.

Luckily for us, though,  those back to back nor’easters kept gas prices from going up like crazy.  As it turns out, the storms drastically reduced demand which affected the price at the pump.

Which explains why that, for the first time, the national rate of inflation outpaced ours.  Gas prices rose by $0.34 cents since last year.  Not to mention, prices jumped by 5 cents in the past week, too.

Also, national gas prices seem to be the closest they’ve ever been with ours.  While the national average is $2.66, CT’s is $2.74.

Which means our state officially fell out of the top 10 of having the most expensive prices.  Right now, we fell down to 12th place.

Honestly, it’s nice that there isn’t a 20 cent disparity between price anymore.  However, you know this won’t last for very long now that spring’s here.

Also, the switching of the blends ends on June 1st.  Ugh.  So, we all know we’ll definitely see $3 at the pump very soon considering prices go up by four cents each week.

This is especially true for Fairfield County.  Their prices average $2.82.  Then again, prices in Greenwich through Bridgeport tend to be in a world of their own.

Although, it could be worse.  California and Hawaii both have the highest prices in the nation, with gas averaging $3.51 per gallon.  Ugh.

The New Haven and Greater Hartford areas have the lowest prices in the state, with their averages coming in at $2.71.  However, apps like Gas Buddy and the likes, will help residents find the lowest prices in their area.

As for the states with the lowest prices of all?  That’s Mississippi and Alabama with a price of a gallon of gas averaging $2.39.

So, how high do you think gas prices will get this summer?  Let me know in the comments below!

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