Tomorrow night Yankees legend Derek Jeter will step up to the plate at Yankee Stadium in front of New York for the very last time. This entire season has been somewhat of a farewell victory tour for Jeter. Each and every city giving him the respectful goodbye he deserves. Being a life long Red Sox fan, I just hope Boston will do the same this weekend at Fenway. Which short of a few drunk Massholes in the bleachers, I have a feeling they will.

I can only imagine what the atmosphere is going to be inside Yankee Stadium tomorrow night when Jeter strolls up to the plate that final time. We won’t really know until it actually happens, but Gatorade has done a pretty stellar job of capturing exactly what Yankees fans will be feeling at that moment with their new 90 second “Made In New York” ad featuring Derek Jeter walking through the streets of New York City on his way to the stadium.



Just amazing stuff right there. Yes, over the years I have participated in my many “YANKEES SUCK” chants on Lansdowne Street, cursed out Aaron Boone for teeing off on Wakefield on that fateful fall night in 2003, made fun of A-Rod countless times, and even been pissed at Jeter a bunch. But rooting against Jeter was always a little bit different. He played for the enemy, but wasn’t the enemy. If that makes any sense. It was more about being mad/annoyed that he was a guy that was just so difficult to hate. He was THAT good from a talent standpoint and always a class act. Derek Jeter was great for the game of baseball.

As much as it pains me to say it as a Boston fan, the part of me that loves the sport of baseball, good competition, and a great story will be sad to see #2 take a bow this week.



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