Yesterday afternoon, Gawker posted this article – Is There Anything Good From Connecticut? – after the most hipstery of hipster businesses, Connecticut Muffin, suddenly closed two of their seven Brooklyn locations.

Which led them to ask the question stated in the article – and the people have started to respond, listing things like Wiffle Ball, the invention of the hamburger, WWE, and how about god damn pizza!

Now the question is moronic to begin with, because clearly Connecticut Muffin must have been good enough for the author, but to show you what an ass he is, look at this response he gave to someone who offered up “UConn Basketball” – which is great, not even just good:

“I knew a motherfucker was gonna say UConn basketball. I specifically prohibited this! If all your state has going for it is the local college sports team your state is trash!” – Hamilton Nolan

Please know that’s who is behind all this, an adult who calls someone who responded to him a “motherfucker.”

And apparently our state is trash. Because someone named Hamilton said so.

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