Geoff Fox Is Leaving Connecticut, Heading West

Geoff Fox Is Leaving Connecticut, Heading West
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Well, well, well… it’s been a while since we’ve heard any news on our good buddy Geoff Fox. He and his wife Helaine have decided to put their house here in Connecticut up for sale and move out west to California. He told the New Haven Register that the main reason for the move is to be closer to their daughter, who lives out in Hollywood working as a TV producer. Hey, maybe she can get Dad a gig! There’s no way that Facebook sex chat scandal traveled all the way out there right? Even if it did, it would probably be celebrated or even made into a reality show.

Fox told the New Haven Register that his relationship with his wife is strong, and that is the most important thing to him. “I love her incredibly, deeply and dearly,” he said. The incident “showed me how much I do love her and what an idiot I was.”

Listen. As much as we beat up Geoff when the “incident” happened, at least he now admits that he was an idiot. Which he should have just done ya know, THE DAY AFTER THE STORY CAME OUT. But we digress.

Fox also said he’ll miss Connecticut and its people (not us clearly). About him hoping WTIC would hire him back, “In this state the kind of success that people can hope for is humbling.” But few local broadcasters will achieve that kind of recognition because “people don’t watch local TV in the numbers they once did.”

Geoff says that he plans on trying to get a weather gig part-time, but mostly wants to focus on doing “web development”, which he has been doing since he got fired. Heeeey, look at that! It seems like only yesterday Geoff couldn’t figure out Facebook and was sending us Direct Messages on Twitter begging us to play nice. We’d like to think that we were a bit of an influence on his new career path. You’re welcome, Geoff.

If you would like to live in the house that Connecticut’s most legendary weatherman gave Facebook oral in, it is on the market now for $489,500. Geoff even created the website to market the house on:

IF you want to say your final goodbyes to Geoff (we’re looking at you, Zoel) before he heads out west, he will be around the Greater New Haven area until the big move out west in June or July.

We’ll miss you, Geoff. Thanks for all the material. Good luck out west. Just be careful out there. The women are way hotter, the temptation is much higher, and TMZ is a thousand times more brutal than we could ever be.

(via: New Haven Register)

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