When comedian Bill Burr was a freshman in high school, his dream was to go to Notre Dame to become a lawyer. However, according to his website, by sophomore year, he was in shop class, and considering a career in construction. Nowadays, Burr is a comedian, and a successful one at that.

Burr has quite the resume. While he is best known for his working on the AMC show, Breaking Bad, and a role on the hit 2013 movie, The Heat, that’s not the only thing he’s up to. He first gained fame by his appearances on the Chapelle Show. Now, he is a regular on both Conan and Jimmy Fallon. He also was a guest star in several television shows, including the hit Fox comedy New Girl, and the Comedy Central’s hit show, The Kroll Show.

Burr also hosts a weekly podcast called the Monday Morning Podcast, which is one of the most popular comedy. And, he’s also done four hour long comedy specials — ‘Why Do I Do This?’, ‘Let It Go’, ‘You People Are All The Same’, and ‘I’m Sorry You Feel That Way.’ Of course, he has quite a few Netflix specials, including an animated series called F is For Family, and Walk Your Way Out.

But, he doesn’t stop there. Burrs is also a stand-up comedian, who does a couple hundred shows a year. His shows are a pretty unique experience, and his comedy has a very bold approach classified as “uninformed logic.” The topics are pretty eclectic, ranging from current events to metal music to gender roles to sports. Some recent subjects include the #MeToo movement, and metalcore.

And, while his topics may vary, one thing is certain. A Bill Burr show will get you to crack up within minutes.

And, get ready Connecticut. You’re in for a treat. Burr is coming to the Webster Bank Arena on Saturday, Oct. 6. Tickets will be going on sale Friday, April 6 at noon. But, be sure to get your tickets early. Burr’s show venues have been selling out internationally.

Want to get your hand on some tickets? You can get your tickets by going online by going to the Webster Bank area website.

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