It’s gotta be tough being a band from Liverpool, England when your name is not “The Beatles”. Not matter how hard you try you will never be the biggest band from Liverpool. I guess it gives you a certain level of credibility at least.21-exxl

The Wombats formed in Liverpool back in 2003 and ever since have been touring the world nonstop and writing great songs with deep powerful lyrics set to fun sing along hooks.

I first heard The Wombats album A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation back in 2007 and was instantly become a fan. I was hooked. The Wombats continue to deliver with each album they release. They are also one of the most fun live bands you will see. Just a party on stage.

Tonight The Wombats will play College Street Music Hall in New Haven with special guest Coast Modern.

I had a chance to catch up with lead singer, guitarist, keyboardist Matthew Murphy from The Wombats before the show to talk about Late Night TV, tour bus life, and pizza.

CT BOOM: You have been at this for a while. How is life different from playing “Let’s Dance To Joy Division” in small clubs to now where you’re on your own headlining tour, playing festivals, and on Late Night TV shows?

THE WOMBATS’ MATTHEW MURPHY: Well, I used to live in Liverpool at my parents house through university and when the band begun around 12 years ago. I also remember us driving around in a Vauxhall Agila all over the U.K. with amps and drums on our laps. Now I live in the Hollywood Hills with an aggressive American bulldog who is on Prozac and my part Japanese wife to be. So I’d say life has changed quite a lot.

CTB: When’s the last time you danced to Joy Division? 

 MM: Quite a while ago, probably the night before the song was conceived.

CTB: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of “Connecticut”?

MM: Bankers, holiday homes, and scenic countryside.

CTB: The video for Give Me A Try is brilliant. How did that idea come about? 

MM: Glad you like it! The director wanted to tie the song in with the phenomena that is online dating. Tinder, Grindr etc… We thought the idea was relevant and interesting.

CTB: Your tour bus recently broke down. Is everything okay now? 

MM: Only time will tell, we sadly had to cancel our Boise show. We have lovingly named our U.S. tour bus ‘The Tumbling Favela’.


Credit: The Wombats

CTB: What is the best and worst thing about tour buses? 

MM: I’m on one now and to be honest I’m struggling to find the upsides, roflcopter. You don’t really sleep properly, especially in the states where the roads are crap. NY, Illinois, CA etc. I certainly prefer it to flying everywhere though. I suppose the best part of tour bus life is when everyone is having fun together, and bottles are smashing and everyone is wobbling around.

CTB: You have performed on a lot of television shows here in the U.S. what is that experience like? 

MM: Yeah TV shows are fun, it’s a pretty relaxed day to be honest, though sometimes when you’re on air it’s pretty easy for me to get extremely nervous. It’s also cool to see/meet massive movie stars.

CTB: You are playing in New Haven this week. We are famous for our pizza. If you do nothing else while you’re here you must try a slice. Where is the best pizza you’ve ever had? 

MM: Terroni, Los Angeles

CTB: Have you ever considered having a real Wombat as the band’s mascot? 

MM: Yes, but it would be a logistical nightmare.

CTB: The lyrics and themes in your songs over the years have been all over the place from happy, to sad, to deep and heavy. Do you find it more difficult to find things to write about now than when the band first started?

MM: Levels of inspiration obviously vary from week to week. The challenge I find is to try and say something that you haven’t already, sometimes that can be difficult. The more albums you release the trickier it can become. I also need a reason to write a song, otherwise I find it hard to believe in.

CTB: Next week you are playing the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware. If you were in charge of booking your own three day music festival what three acts would you have as headliners?

MM: Beck. Elliot Smith. Rihanna

CTB: Finish this sentence. The best thing about Connecticut is ________________. 

MM: The lush and extensive flora.

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