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I’m a mom.  I remember when I was the fattest pregnant woman that has ever existed (I can say this because I’m pretty sure it was true) and I had to buy baby stuff.  I knew nothing about what I needed.  I figured it was safe to say that I certainly would need:

1. Diapers.

2. A stroller.

Beyond that I was lost.  I remember walking (waddling) into one of those big stores and staring at aisles and aisles of… stuff.  Literally, it was just stuff.  Contraptions of things that I didn’t know what they did- and when it came to the stroller and diapers; there were so many different options I wanted to shove endless amounts of burritos into my mouth to console myself… which I did.  Regularly.

What I needed then that now exists is Kiddie Hub in Norwalk.  It’s not a 56,000 square foot store filled with tons of useless baby paraphernalia.  Nope, it’s actually a convenient manageably sized local store that carries just what you need.  To them it’s about quality versus quantity. They only carry the best of the best.  The coolest part is that they have managers on hand to explain what everything does, why it does it, and how to use it.  So sure, you need a car seat- but they’ll explain which one is the best for your family, demonstrate how to use it and (wait for this!) WILL INSTALL IT IN YOUR CAR.  Trust me new parents, there’s no bigger fear than taking your seven-pound baby home on 95 and being worried that you screwed up installing the car seat.

They’re getting ready for their grand opening which is happening Sunday, April 27th at their new location: 18 Wall Street, Norwalk, CT from 9:30a-7p.  Not only can you see first hand all the best and innovative baby technology but they’ll have food, drinks, and are giving away over $1000 worth of baby stuff!  Their tagline is “We Baby Moms” and it’s true, they do.

I met with Tony Bermudez, the store manager, and he showed me around the bright, clean, welcoming store.  He then introduced me to some of the hottest new technology in baby gear.

Some of the items we explored included:

1. Nuna Zaaz

The days of the wooden high chairs that are clunky and taking up a quarter of the room at your dining room table are over.  Nuna has introduced a new high chair that not only adjusts in height, but also conforms to your kid.  From a five-point harness (for when they are itty bitty) to when they can get by in just a three-point- right up until they can use it as a booster- it’s an all-in-one.  What seems to be a trend for Nuna is that it can hold up to 200 pounds- So it can also double as a place where your friends can sit when you run out of seats at your husband’s poker game.


2. Mountain Buggy

My husband and I decided early on that our goal was to show our daughter the world.  We loved to travel and wanted her to love going to new places too.  We found that very difficult when we were climbing mountains in a bulky, hard to drive stroller- which is why my jaw dropped when I saw a small package sitting neatly on the floor that ultimately quickly unfolded into a stylist, high quality stroller!  No more fighting with airplane personnel about why we had to check our stroller, no more lugging it thousands of miles- a full sized stroller… that’s as easy to carry as a briefcase.

For any new and experienced moms out there (and dads too!) make sure to check out what Kiddie Hub has to offer.  It’s a different, personalized way of baby shopping.  It’s really what you want, when you want the best for your baby.  Kiddie Hub is located at 18 Wall Street in Norwalk.  You can visit them online at KiddieHub.com and make sure you check out all the demonstrations and in-store deals they will have available at their grand opening on the 27th!


3. Nuna Leaf

This is a swing/rocker.  At first glance it simply looks like a pretty nesting hole for your kid- as it rocks gently just a few inches off the ground… but what I learned is that it’s not like those gross swings that run on huge batteries, all of it’s rocking is caused by (wait for it) gravity! I was a little envious of how relaxing this thing looked so imagine my surprise when I was told it holds up to 200 pounds- Apparently it rocks children (and me!) up to 130 pounds but can safely nestle anyone up to 200 pounds.  This is a must for new baby technology.  I tested the theory and put my 50-pound daughter in it and sure enough it kept rocking… and it was so calm she actually stopped talking for a minute.  A small miracle.



4. BMW Maclaren Special Edition Stroller

Whaaaaat? MacLaren teamed up with BMW to make the sweetest looking (and driving) stroller. It has all the sleek and style of a BMW, drives just as smoothly- but it’s a stroller.  There’s no hotter way to make your kid the coolest.

5. SwingEase by Honeybee

In plain English, it’s a way to make a swing safe for any kid.  Ever go to the gross playground and your kid starts screaming that they want to go on the swing, but they’re too small for the seat?  This solves your problem.  It easily connects into the seat making it safe for the little tikes.   It’s small and portable so that it can just live in the trunk of your car.  Perfect for summers at the playground.



6. Quinny Moodd

The ultimate in stroller technology. This stroller is not your run of the mill baby transporter- It’s the future of exclusive strollers.  It has handles that will allow you to either have your baby face you- or face out.  It can be a three-wheeler… or a four.  It can recline your baby, it unfolds automatically so no awkward fighting with it, and it’s made of repellant fabrics, so no worries if it’s covered in milk and melted M and M’s at the end of your ride.


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