People have done do-it-yourself wine and beer for a long time in their basements, but that trend has peaked. I’m moving on to something new. And with the tremendous success of products like Redd’s Apple Ale, that got me to thinking – where does someone go in Connecticut to either get real hard cider, or to start making their own?

Connecticut has at least 80 orchards that you can visit right now. From Easton to East Killingly, and everywhere in between, you’ll find apple orchards in every single county in Connecticut. Plenty of apples, pies, hayrides – you know the drill. And that’s all well and good…but what about the hard stuff? Whose brewing real cider (or the cooler way of spelling it) cyder?!?

That’s where Cyder Market comes in. They’ve thankfully narrowed it down for us in the 21+ club that want the good stuff. Whether you like Holmberg Orchards in Gales Ferry, or Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford, or B.F. Clyde’s in Mystic (TEN VARIETIES!), or Hogans in Burlington (they’ve got strawberry cider), you’ll find what you’re looking for. Most of them have tasting rooms – and Beardsley’s in Shelton will even provide you with what you need to brew your own cider/cyder.

This is the final (official) weekend of summer, and the weekend is looking great with the weather, so this is the perfect weekend to get in on the “next big thing.”

And there’s few places to do cider better than right here in Connecticut.

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