Baa!  Well, that’s not really what goats say, but let’s pretend for a minute.  Because, honestly, the coolest idea in the history of ever finally made its way into Connecticut.  Goat yoga!

If you’re hoping to relax and pet some adorable baby animals, here’s your chance to do so.

Easton Courier reports that Blue Lotus Yoga, located in Monroe, wanted to join in on this national trend.  So, they partnered up with Guardians Farm to make those goat yoga lessons a local reality!

Between saying “ohm” and focusing on your breathing, a baby goat might just jump up on you.   Can you imagine their tiny little hooves scampering all over you?  I can.  I so totally can.

Because it brought a little warmth to my cold black heart since the goats just don’t jump up on you.  They also nuzzle and give you kisses!

David Buck, an owner of Guardians Farms, told the Courier why their lessons are so successful:

“They’re very peaceful animals. They’ll hang out and rub their heads against you […] Everybody really loves it.”

Goat Yoga took off in New Hampshire after one of their videos went viral.  Since then, demand went way up around the nation to get in on this fad.

And because Blue Lotus Yoga’s owner, Elaina Wieser, received so many requests to make that a part of her studio, she knew she had to get involved.  One call to Guardians Farms later and the rest was history.

Also, before each session, Buck gives everyone a little lesson on his farm that he runs with his wife, Tamra French.  Those who sign up for a class learn what products a goat can help make, from milk to soaps, along with how to interact with the baby animals.

In short, a goat yoga class will not only relax you, but it’ll also inform you.  And also make for some great Instagram posts because who wouldn’t want to see you cuddling a tiny goat?

Wieser added that everyone who takes one of her classes leaves with a huge smile on their face.  Because goats are seriously some of the silliest creatures on the planet.  They’re happy-go-lucky and loving, too!   Plus, they LOVE attention.

Here, check out what to expect if you take one of Blue Lotus’ goat yoga classes!

If you’re interested in signing up for a class, hit up Blue Lotus Yoga HERE.

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