‘Tis the season for holiday travel.  But, if you plan on flying out of one of our many local airports, know that they’re among the worst in the nation.  No joke.

CT Post reports that a recent Yelp roundup listed the best and worst airports in the nation.  Given that Yelp is the epitome of trustworthy ratings, here’s where our area airports currently stand.

True, JFK to Bradley doesn’t offer any fancy accoutrements or therapy ponies, but they do serve hot coffee and wifi.  So, there’s that.

Anyways, this official rankings comes from J.D. Power’s 2017 of customer satisfaction at North American airports.  Basically, they surveyed 35,000 people and looked at Yelp reviews to finesse their findings.

Bradley, LaGuardia and Newark all wound up near the bottom of the pile for medium to large airports.  However, this is an improvement for Bradley International Airport since they ranked the absolute worst last year.  But, JFK fell to the bottom of the pack this year for “mega” airports.

For the worst airline in New York, that honor goes to LaGuardia.  Apparently, travelers can’t tell the difference between that and a third world country, according to Jonathan C. on Yelp!  Lauren J. affectionately calls the airport “LaGarbage.”

Meanwhile, while JFK suffered heavy criticism from travelers, it still outperformed LaGuardia.  Apparently it’s because it’s nothing spectacular, says Yelp reviewer Joelle G.    Meanwhile, Gerald S. says that airport is, “the poster child for failing American infrastructure.”  Nice.

Meanwhile, Newark edged up in ratings.  As someone who flew out of there twice, I can’t say anything terrible about that place, except for the exorbitant prices of their sandwiches.  However, I’m sure happy I didn’t experience what Joley B. went through, “It’s dirty, overcrowded, and today it’s a burning inferno. I feel as though I’m here in hell sweating away amongst the heathens.”  Man, people really get INTO their Yelp reviews, don’t they?

The consensus about Westchester County Airport in White Plains, NY, is that it’s small.

Meanwhile, Bradley International Airport can sing about its “cool rocking  chairs.”  Yes, that’s the official consensus.  Pretty much all Yelp reviews mention those large comfy chairs situated right next to those floor to ceiling windows, right after you pass the TSA.  I mean, after the TSA frisks you, I guess you do need a spot to sit down and think about what happened.  So, good thinking, Bradley.

Strangely enough, customer satisfaction with airlines reached an all time high this year.  The credit lies in the rise of self check-in kiosks, free wifi, and charging stations.  I know, it doesn’t take much to make a simple human happy.  Yet, somehow, our local airports continue to miss the mark.

Or, they just don’t offer enough.  Such as the brown-nosing Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, which brought in “therapy dogs” to aid stressed travelers.

Then again, if I saw puppies romping around LaGuardia and someone told me I could play with them, I’d Yelp about it, too.  Like I said, it doesn’t take much to make a person happy.  Puppies definitely make people happy, though.

Anyways, Orlando International Airport, John Wayne Airport in CA, and Sacramento International Airport scored the highest points in this year’s survey.

Anyways, which airport is your favorite?  Me, I’m flying out of Newark in a few months, so I guess I gotta prepare myself about that “surrounded by heathens” part.

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