It feels like it’s such a rare occurrence when a national roundup has anything nice to say about Connecticut.  But, when we are the recipient of praise, it’s usually for a tremendous reason.

We’re known to have some of the best schools in the nation, it’s one of the best places to raise a child, it’s one of the best states for teachers, we’re home to some of the best companies in the nation, we have the best doughnuts in the nation, and should the zombie apocalypse ever happen… we have a pretty decent chance of surviving.  Okay that last one  was a stretch, but it’s still pretty awesome if you think about it.

So, to keep this good news train going, Connecticut is officially one of the nation’s leaders in science, innovation, and technology.  Connecticut By the Numbers reports that the state is ranked 6th overall in this year’s State Technology and Science Index (STSI.)

Sure, we aren’t number one, but making the top 10 is nothing to complain about, either.  Also, this is the highest the state has ever ranked, too.  Connecticut has been steadily rising up the charts since the national roundup was founded in 2002.

Connecticut was beaten out by Massachusetts, Colorado, Maryland, California and Washington in this year’s study.  Next year, it’s possible Connecticut may very well be in the top five considering how it continues to outperform itself every year.

STSI ranks states based on their capabilities in science and technology, alongside their growth in terms of commercialization, environment, job creation, and profit.

In other words, as stated on their website:

“We view the STSI as a measure of a state’s innovation pipeline. The index isn’t intended to be a measure of immediate economic impact, but rather to demonstrate that the return on science and technology assets will accrue in future years.”

When speaking specifically about Connecticut, STSI wrote

“Connecticut showed major improvement in the Technology Concentration and Dynamism index, going from 21st to 10th. This dramatic rise marks one of the larger overall changes on this index. While modest increases were seen in the Research and Development Inputs index and Human Capital Investment index, these two indices have a much heavier focus on stock measures, and Connecticut’s aerospace and defense sectors help anchor the state’s performance in these areas.”

I think that’s pretty neat and some much needed good news considering the issues we had with General Electric and nearly losing Sikorsky this year.  The fact that the state continued to hang on and improve its score despite its shortcomings is rather remarkable.

By doing this, Connecticut may have cemented a better future for all who live here, too.

STSI says that states who ranked highly on their roundups are paving the way for a brighter future.  They say residents of those states who scored favorably on their list tend to be more informed, have better public knowledge, and stronger entrepreneurial skills.

Considering the state’s manufacturing industry is booming and needs to hire a swath of qualified individuals, maybe things are finally starting to turn around.

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