Wow, Connecticut actually had the gall to get rid of one of its most hated taxes?  Why yes.  Yes it did.  Quick, someone check outside to see if the pigs are flying.

So, last year, many of us rightfully lost our minds when something that shouldn’t be taxed was, obviously, hit with a 6.35% tax.  Because nothing is sacred.

The long-standing exemption that shielded seasonal attractions from contributing to the government’s coffers was thrown out by Governor Malloy and he eagerly ushered in a new tax on parking fees at seasonal state lots – like beaches.  Meaning, the destinations meant as an escape from city life to allow visitors to reflect and relax, suddenly applied an extra thorn in our side.

According to Fox61, throughout the 2015 season, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection struggled to apply the extra charge while angry motorists cursed the government under their breath as they foraged around their cars for extra pennies.

But, good news, the tax isn’t here to stay. Governor Malloy has seen the writing on the wall and signed legislation that has put an end to that particular headache.

The reason?  The extra headaches it caused wasn’t worth the extra revanue.  So, it had to go.

Now, if only we can apply that same logic to taking a bite out of our tax burden.  Well, we can dream about it while we enjoy tax-free parking at our local beaches again.

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