It’s just one of the worst, now.  Which, in comparison to the large spectrum of things, that’s not much to celebrate.

So, it looks like our Governor forgot to pay someone off.  Or didn’t pay them enough.  After hearing the bogus news that Hartford was, reportedly, the 31st best place to live in America – many of us called the study for what it was.  A bunch of hot air.  Now, we get to bask in sweet vindication.

Fox 61 says that the city’s ranking improved ever so slightly in the latest roundup of national capitals.  This year, Hartford ranked 49th out of 50, making it the 2nd worst capital in America.  Yay for not being dead last anymore.  Boo for being next to dead last this year.

The annual study came from WalletHub, who we still can’t figure out of they’re reputable or just click-bait.  Either way, they seem to be right on the money with their latest crop of findings.

While Hartford’s overall education ranking was in the middle of the pack, affordability and quality of life dragged the city down to the pits.  Heck, even the city’s overall well-being was in the bottom 10.  The study also said the city boasted the highest concentration of impoverished residents.

So, it’s kinda weird that U.S. News claimed Hartford’s quality of life and affordability was pretty favorable.  A claim that was made approximately one week ago.

Seriously, who knows at this point.  Obviously these two “studies” were looking at vastly different data.  Data that, perhaps, may have been fabricated based on the extreme disparity between their independent results.

So, here’s the deal: the best state capital this year is Austin, Texas.  Honestly, I don’t think anyone is all that surprised to hear that.  It was the best capital in the nation last year, too.

As for the city that beat out Hartford this year?  It’s Jackson, Mississippi.  They fell three whole spots from last year.

So, which study do you believe?  The one that found Hartford one of the best places to live in the country… or the one that called it one of the worst capitals in America.

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