With the popularity of  The Walking Dead over the 5-6 years people have been obsessed with all things zombies. The show and the comics act as almost a playbook for what to do (and NOT do) in case a zombie apocalypse ever really happens.

Thanks to CareerBuilder.com we now know what parts of the country to flock to or hunker down in place in. The study they conducted looked into which cities would do the best and worst job surviving a zombie apocalypse, based on things like their food supply and their ability to research a cure. 

It turns out that Boston would have the best odds of surviving. Not too far behind Boston right in the top 10 is Hartford, Connecticut! Which is a win for a lot of us here in the state. Sorry to all you lower Fairfield County folks it looks like New York would actually have the worst chances of survival.  

Four different factors went into determining the full list:  Each city’s military population to help fight the zombies, their engineers and construction workers to build structures to contain the virus, their medical research facilities to find a cure, and the size of their food supply. All makes total sense when you think about it. 

What’s funny is that Atlanta, the city that a majority of The Walking Dead takes place in, falls into the “10 Cities That Would Be In The Most Trouble” category. Which based on the horrific journey those characters have been on over 7 seasons is more than believable. 

So bring it on zombie apocalypse. Hartford is ready to survive you flesh eating jerks.

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