A new way to win big is finally making its way into Connecticut.

Keno, a lottery game that’s like Powerball (but on steroids,) has been worming its way through casinos and bars around the nation.  On Monday, the CT Lottery made the big announcement that it is finally arriving at its 2,900 retailers.

Keno operates like a number guessing game, but with more money and winning involved. A player must choose 10 numbers between 1 and 80.  20 numbers are then drawn at random.  If any of the player’s numbers make it onto the screen, they win!  Players have a chance of winning $1 million per ticket.

Games are held every 4 minutes and are inherently more social than your average Mega Millions or Cash5 lottery.

The money used to purchase Keno tickets goes straight into the state’s General Fund, which will help nibble away at the state’s nearly $1 billion deficit.



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