We had a lot of fun on the site yesterday with all of our April Fool’s Day fake articles. We may have even upset a few people in process, but at least a majority of you played along and had fun with it.

If you missed any of the fun, here is what went down throughout the course of the day…


First, we announced that UCONN Huskies head coach Kevin Ollie would be handing over coaching duties to Jim Calhoun for this weekend’s Final Four game against Florida



Then we brought the ever popular west coast burger chain In-N-Out Burger to Connecticut



We hired the Latin Kings as the new security team for Hartford’s Webster Theater



We brought NHL and the Whalers back to Hartford



Then we saw Jesus in a slice of cheese pizza



We made Connecticut the test market for the new Caffeine Vaporizer craze



Pretended people were mad about South Norwalk’s fakest coffee shop, Caffeine, closing it’s doors



And then we closed Frank Pepe’s Pizza. And the entire internet lost their minds.




So thank you once again to everyone who commented, tweeted, emailed, and played along with our nonsense.



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