Gov. Malloy Tells MSNBC He Can Do 1,000 Sit-ups

Gov. Malloy Tells MSNBC He Can Do 1,000 Sit-ups
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Governor Dannel Malloy was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning to talk about Newtown a year later, Obamacare, and his ability to do 1,000 sit-ups.

Wait, what? Malloy can do 1,000 sit-ups?! Seems like a bold statement. Though as they say in the interview, he has lost some weight and does look a bit slimmer than he has in the past. So maybe.

If this is in fact true, he’s gotta be the only politician in CT who can do this many sit-ups right? You think Blumenthal or DeLauro are getting up every morning working out this much? Not a chance.

Malloy should challenge every single candidate who’s running against him next year to a sit-up contest, and THAT will be how we decide Connecticut’s next Governor.



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