Now with Governor Malloy officially out of the race, Connecticut’s finest are lining up in hopes of becoming the state’s next governor.  Well, define “finest.”  Because Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is looking at joining the race.

WFSB says Mayor Ganim launched an official exploratory committee today.  He also plans to petition the State Elections Enforcement Commission to let him participate in the Citizens’ Election Program.  Should he get approval, he’ll be able to access full public financing for his campaign.

During his appearance on “Face the State” he said:

“Filing allows us to begin the process of looking for financial support, be in the process, and as we go – that’s why I thought it was important to do that now.”

We’ll all get to hear his official announcement Sunday morning at 11.

However, it should be noted that he hasn’t fully decided on running… yet.  But, should all go to plan with obtaining that money, he’ll be throwing in his hat ASAP.   Should that happen, he’ll become the 5th Democrat to enter the gubernatorial race.

It seems like he’ll run on a platform on helping struggling cities and making the state more affordable for millennials.   So, he’ll be petitioning a pretty sturdy voter base, which will definitely pay off in the polls.

Look, I know there’s people with really high opinions about the guy.  Honestly, he comes across as a well-spoken and delightful guy.   Joe Ganim’s got a firm handshake and a disarming smile, so he’s a relatively easy guy to talk to.

It’s also not that hard to see just how much he loves the city of Bridgeport.

Truthfully, he did a lot for the city when he served as mayor the first time.

But then he became a convicted felon.

So, when I talk about “Connecticut’s finest,” I don’t imagine a candidate with 16 corruption charges against them.  Just saying.  Blame my blue family background if you must.

There’s no way to put it gently: Joe Ganim’s a convicted felon.  A convicted felon that spent seven years behind bars for running a pay-to-play atmosphere during his tenure as mayor between 1991 to 2003.

Meaning: if a someone gave him a shiny, he gave them a contract, which resulted in him amassing nearly half a million in illegal gifts.

So, forgive me for saying that it’s gonna take me a while to fully believe that he’s changed.  That he’d never stoop that low again.

I love a good redemption arc.  On TV.  But when it comes to politics that directly affect my life and finances?

Yeah… I’m gonna be cautious.  Because this has been a problem before in our state’s highest office.

Remember Rowland and how he got the book thrown at him over a hot tub?  Of course you do.  Because Connecticut refuses to let him forget his corruption crimes and keeps sending him back to jail.

But, Rowland is a Republican while Ganim is a Democrat.  It’s possible his faults won’t be held in the same contempt as Rowland’s.  So, I’m nervous that, should Ganim fall back into his pay-to-play ways, the voters will turn a blind eye and let him get away with it.

Because those worries didn’t stop Bridgeport from re-electing him in 2015.  So, who’s gonna say Connecticut won’t do the same thing?

I mean, we elected a habitual liar to the state’s most powerful office.  Twice.  Who then proceeded to punish us with the largest tax hikes in state history when he ran on a platform promising not to do just that.

So, it’s possible the state will overlook Gamin’s criminal past when it heads to the polls next year.  It’s not like the state has really profound morals when electing people to office anyway.

So, does Joe Ganim have a shot?  Or, will his ultimate rival: Ted Kennedy Jr., steal his thunder?  Either way, it’s gonna be one HELL of an election year.

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