UPDATE 06/12/18: Ganim has submitted the most signatures to put his name on the ballot, collecting over 32,000 names in all.  That averages about 1,000 names a day since he lost his party’s endorsement.

Sure, Ned Lamont is the Democrat’s pick for Governor, but he might not appear on the final ticket alone.  Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim says expect a primary very soon.  Winner takes all.

CT Post reports that since the Democratic party nominated Ned Lamont as their candidate, Ganim never stopped working.  In fact, he went on a quest to secure the signatures needed to force a primary.

State law says a candidate needs 15,458 signatures to make that happen.  Ganim says he already collected close to 20,000, which is well over the requirement.

So, now these signatures head to elections officials.  They’ll check each John Hancock for authenticity, something Ganim already accounted for.  And you know his party will definitely keep a sharp eye out for catching anything that looks slightly amiss.

With his party somewhat against him, he went above and beyond to make sure he has enough to offset any rejected names.

Which, as he says, is proof that he “can walk in any neighborhood, connect with a diverse group of voters, and can generate enthusiasm and turnout among base Democratic voters.”

This Governor’s race might be the tipping point for the state GOP. Already, Democrats say they expect an extremely tough election year.

That’s because our current governor, Dan Malloy, is really one of our worst in history.  He ushered in the highest tax increases in history and watched our state collapse into debt.  He also vehemently rejected legalizing marijuana while praising new taxes on residents, like tolls and a cellphone surcharge.

This helped ignite the GOP into uniting angry voters who feel like Democrats ruined our state.  They also whipped people into a frenzy by saying the state is already being “taxed to death.”

So, they found the perfect card to use in any debate, which is equating any Democratic candidate to Malloy’s failed policies.

With the deck already stacked against them, the blue party wants to make sure they have a fighting chance this year.  And, honestly, some feel they can’t risk a run with Ganim on the ticket.

In short: they feel that his troubled past will override his narrative and make him too much of a liability. And, with that, ruin any and all chances of the party keeping control of the state.

Yes, Joe Ganim is a convicted felon charged with corruption.  That will most certainly work against him (along with his support of icky tolls.P

However, he did make a major  comeback once he served his time.   And, with that, earned back the city of Bridgeport’s trust.

During his time knocking on doors, even in sections of town that the press calls “hollow,” people threw their arms around him and requested selfies.   They feel that Ganim is doing everything in his power to bring their city back from the brink.

By championing the new amphitheater, people feel that real positive change is coming to the city.  Bridgeport is a beautiful city and even a blind man can see its potential.   Ganim wants the city to become a destination and not something people avoid going into at all costs.

Hence his support of the MGM Casino, which would also bolster the city’s port area.

Ganim also ushered in Mayor’s Initiative on Re- entry Affairs (MIRA,) which aims to help formerly incarcerated individuals start a new life and advance their careers.

While Hartford self-implodes and requires a bailout from the state, Bridgeport continues to strengthen.

On top of his political achievements, Ganim says people relate to him and find him easy to talk to.   He says that while collecting signatures to force the primary, people touched upon his “second chance.”

They feel like if Ganim managed to successfully come back from his time in jail, they can, too.

Also, it all comes down to likeability in politics.  While Governor Malloy openly bristles at any criticism, Ganim welcomes it.

In fact, he says “Bring it on” to any politician who plans on using his past against him.

On top of that, he feels Ned Lamont can’t relate to the majority of residents because he is a wealthy businessman.   Who lives in Greenwich.   So, that will definitely work against Lamont.

So, will we see a Democratic primary in CT?  We won’t know until mid-June.   What do you think?  Do you want Ganim to run or do you think he’ll harm the Democrats chances of holding onto the Governor’s mansion?

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