Ah, Connecticut, the state that can’t agree on anything proves yet again that the smallest thing can be an albatross.

Governor Dannel Malloy is in hot water for okaying the construction of two statues that has residents and state representatives hopping mad.  The reasons for such ire range from the price tag to exacerbating racial tensions.

Yes.  All this outrage over two monuments.

WTNH reports that Gov. Malloy approved $500,000 in borrowed funds to construct two new sculptures in order to bolster the state’s supposed lack of statue diversity.  Malloy said, “There’s a reality that the vast, vast majority of statuary that has been built in Connecticut and paid for with public or private dollars, is to white men.”

One statue will honor the African American icon Walter ‘Doc’ Hurley, who helped hundreds of young men attend college while the other will commemorate the Borinqueneers, the 65th Infantry Regiment that was comprised of Puerto Ricans who fought in America’s wars since 1898.

State Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano of North Haven was extremely displeased by the development and accused the governor of race baiting.  He said in a press release, “At a time when racial tensions in the country are at an all time high, I am disappointed to see the leader of our state adding fuel to the fire.”

Fasano is also calling the announcement a mere distraction from the real issue, “The governor used divisive rhetoric in an attempt to distract from the issue at hand – that our state is in financial trouble and even good projects must be questioned.”

He does have a point.  The debate on whether the state can or should spend half a million on two new statues really does pale in comparison to our state’s financial crisis.

Is Malloy really spending what we don’t have or is he doing the right thing by building these two new statues?


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