He promised them pizza.  But did he deliver?  No, according to the elderly folks at Bella Vista in New Haven.  Turns out that Bella Vista has a significant population of elderly and disabled folks that reside there.  Malloy had been there before… to campaign.  He made them promises.  He said he would help them… and if he won, he’d return with pizza.  It seems that Bella Vista has a strong voting population and with New Haven being a battle ground in the coming elections, it’s important to deliver those promises.

Well, guess what?  Sure, he approved that $900 rebate for elderly renters that would save those residents a lot of money- BUT did he forget the pizza?  Because, you know, New Haven people take their pizza very, very seriously.  Well, according to this old guy, he did forget to deliver… the pizza.  He was dead serious.

Malloy argued that he did have a pizza party… but promised that he would return with a lot more pizza.  None of the elderly or disabled folks remember getting this pizza.  No one from the Malloy camp confirmed or denied pizza was delivered.

Don’t mess with the olds Malloy.  They take two things seriously- Pizza and Friendly’s Happy Endings that they eat after dinner at 3p on Thursdays.  They are STILL discussing the missing pizza.

This happened:


Source: New Haven Independent

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