After years of denouncing weed, Governor Malloy finally embraced the green.  As in the amount of money that comes with legal marijuana.

I know, he finally caved.  Someone check hell to make sure it’s finally frozen over.

However, he didn’t necessarily announce this to the public.  He is a prideful man after all.  So, instead of admitting defeat, he buried his support in his budget adjustment proposal.  Sneaky, huh?

Come on, after years of saying how much he hates the stuff, do you really think he’d publicly admit he was wrong?  Yeah, I thought so.

Reclaim CT first noticed his singular fragment of support and posted the proof on their blog. Obviously, they feel enormously vindicated considering Malloy’s long been a sore loser on the topic.

Remember how angry he became when our neighbors up north gave marijuana the green light?  Twitter does.

But, as our friends ACDC once said, Money Talks.  With Connecticut drowning in red ink and facing downgraded credit scores, something needed to change.

Also, raising taxes stopped being the answer long ago because residents named that the #1 reason why they moved out of state.

But, those who stayed would say year after year how much they fully supported legalizing weed.

And, maybe a little too late, Governor Malloy finally wizened up and gave the people what they wanted.

Considering the weed industry bolstered Colorodo’s economy and increased jobs, it’s not outlandish to say that could happen here.  Reclaim CT, a pro-legalization group, believes allowing the sale of recreational marijuana will add 22,000 jobs to the state.

Not to mention the amount of money it’ll bring.  Colorado says their weed industry generated $1.3 billion in new revenue.

And that’s the type of money our state desperately needs to stay afloat.  Plus, it’s a far more popular solution for our budget woes than tolls.

Simply put: no one wants to pay a new mandatory tax.   In essence, that’s what tolls and the gas tax are because cars are a necessity in this state.

We pay too much in taxes as is, as evidenced by THIS and THIS report.   The cost of living is too high to begin with so adding another financial burden would only drive people out of the state faster.

Plus, when taxes go up, spending goes down, and that injures our economy.  Why else do economists warn the state’s heading toward another recession?

Then again, when our governor ushers in the two highest tax increases in state history and it only makes the fiscal crisis worse… yeah.  Our lawmakers single handedly proved the definition of insanity on a pretty devastating level.

However, legalizing and taxing weed would not affect everyone’s finances because not everyone smokes weed.  If a person wants to toke up, they have to pay the tax.  It’s the same principal as cigarettes.

Of course, marijuana will be regulated just like alcohol.  Those driving while high will find themselves in handcuffs just as they would had they been driving drunk.  Same goes for toking up in the open just as it would be for someone walking outside with an open bottle.

Plus, legalizing weed will also reduce our overall prison population.  The amount of people jailed for possessing pot far outweighs the people serving time for murder or for dealing harder drugs.  So, the state will eventually spend less on overall inmates, which frees up more money for the budget.

In short, everyone wins.  The residents, Governor Malloy, the state, and everyone in between.

Not to mention, it’ll mean the state finally acted in the best interests of the majority.  However, the best part of it is that not everyone has to pay this new tax.  If they don’t want to smoke, they don’t have to pay up.

Either way, Malloy quietly ended his crusade against weed.  But, don’t expect him to admit it anytime soon.  Just do you part, call your representatives, and say you want to see this through.

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