When you’re a public official, it’s generally a good idea to not make the public angry. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy apparently doesn’t subscribe to that thinking.

It goes without saying nowadays that the governor is not a well-liked person in our state. The budget overruns, the seeming indifference to our state’s struggles, and the taxes have resulted in complaint after complaint about this ability to lead our state to a better future.

One would think that, with all of those issues on his plate, he would be careful not to make mindless errors that add insult to injury. But if one thought that way, they would be wrong.

The Hartford Courant obtained security footage from Bradley International Airport where Governor Malloy appears to have diverted his son’s backpack around the TSA security checkpoint and taken it to his son’s departure gate without it getting inspected.

I’m fairly confident neither the governor nor his son would have anything dangerous in the backpack and I’m equally confident that no threat was posed by the unchecked backpack.

But nevertheless, this is the kind of thing you really cannot do, especially when you’re a much maligned public figure constantly under the eye of public scrutiny.

Nobody likes going through TSA checkpoints, even though they keep us safe. It’s weird to take off your shoes and belt and let total strangers rummage through your bags. But we all do it because we all understand that’s how the system works. To see our state’s governor not only bypass that embarrassing procedure, but to allow his son’s backpack to go without inspection is a slap in the face to everyone who has gone through the security checkpoint.

Listen, Mr. Malloy, we know it might feel like we’re piling on here. You’ve got a lot on your mind what with the financial disaster you’ve mismanaged us into. But in a way, when we call you out for making a moronic mistake like this one, we’re just looking out for your public image. Because maybe, if we call you out enough times, you’ll starting doing smart things instead of dumb things.

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