I know we here in CT constantly joke that Governor Malloy constantly looks for new things to tax.  It’s because that’s actually true.  And now he finally found something that could be his next money maker.  Our cell phones.

CT News Junkie reports that Governor Malloy is so hungry for money, he wants to implement a surcharge on our cell phones.  Meaning, we cough up extra money per month to fix his problems.

Here’s his master plan.  He puts a simple $1-per-month surcharge on your cellphone plan.  So, if you think about it, with CT’s current population at around 3.5 million people, you can assume about 2/3rds have cell phones.   Meaning, the state aims to reap about $28 million a year in this unprecedented new tax.

Yes, I understand our lawmakers are very nervous about the budget and our deficit.  I am also aware that there’s a shortage of about $87 million in 2018 and $133 million in 2019.  But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that our lawmakers should have us shoulder the burden that they created.

Pension plan running out of money?  Who raided it for the past 50 or so years and didn’t put in any savings?  Not the people of Connecticut, of course.

Our roads and bridges are structurally deficient and falling apart?  Who continually used the Special Transportation Fund as a piggy bank?  Not us.

Sure, lawmakers can argue that we the people used the programs they put into place that were funded by those stolen funds.  But, that argument’s as valid as receiving a Valentine’s card in May.  The thought’s there, but it’s a day late and a dollar short.

The fact is that years upon years of bad choices finally caught up to our lawmakers.  But, instead of actively searching for MEANINGFUL ways to solve these issues, they’re kicking the can further down the road.

I mean, who wants to bet our politicians will change their spending ways after implementing a new tax?  Yeah, if you believe that, put a crown on my head and call me Princess Diana and we’ll see if you believe that, too.

The fact is, change has to come from our lawmakers, who need to take a hard look at their spending and trim the necessary fat.  Not scare us into accepting these new taxes by manipulating our emotions by cutting programs that actually help people.

Hey, I have an idea.  How about we stop building statues no one wants until we are back in the black?

But, no, that’s part of the game.  Hold our emotions hostage, gaslight the people into thinking our selfishness of wanting to keep the money we earn hurts us, and then do nothing to solve the issue.   It’s a bit of a reach but I think a good portion of our lawmakers need to go due to their constant manipulation.

Think about it, here’s how it goes down.

Us: Stop raising taxes!  We are really struggling to pay for all of them.
Politicians: Well, if you say so… guess I’ll have to cut this program that provides services to the deaf and hard of hearing.  Such a shame…
Us: No, you can’t do that!  Those people need that service!
Politicians: Well, you say you don’t want us to raise taxes.  But, for this program to keep running, we need more money to fund it.  If we don’t have the funds, we can’t fund the program.  So, we’ll have to cut it.  And if that happens, it’s because of you.

It happens EVERY year and we fall for it because we have been practically conditioned to think that tax hikes are the only solution.  I mean, this exact scenario happened with our state parks!  We fall for this every single time!

For a state that has the highest tax burden in the NATION, how can our financial situation be this out of control?  Where’s all our tax dollars going?  How is that not enough?

Until we wake up, little innocuous taxes will keep popping up.  Like a cell phone surcharge that, should it happen, that tax will keep going up because it’s easy money for our lawmakers.

Governor Malloy is also asking for anyone with revenue ideas to come forward before they debate over the new budget on Thursday.  So, it’s possible we can see our political leaders tack on even dumber taxes to make a quick buck.

If you’re sick and tired of forking over more money, then get out and vote in the next election.  Read what the candidates stand for and don’t just vote along party lines.

Because, if the same people stay in office for another term, you bet we’ll see even more businesses leave and our taxes spiking to compensate for their self-created loss.

Anyways, what could be done to reduce our taxes but still keep Connecticut somewhat solvent?  Let me know in the comments below.

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