Thank god for Chris Christie and Sam Brownback for making Governor Malloy look somewhat decent.  Had it not been for them, he’d be chilling at the bottom of this list.  So, kudos to New Jersey and Kansas for having a worse governor than us!

CT News Junkie reports that Malloy is still the 3rd most unpopular Governor in America.  He maintained his meticulous 29 percent approval rating, securing his spot in the bottom of the pile.

But, if you want to get technical, Malloy is the nation’s most hated Democratic Governor.  So, there’s that.  Good thing he’s not seeking re-election.

Anyways, the latest Morning Consult poll moved Malloy up a notch from last year’s 2nd place.  Had Chris Christie not engaged in his election shenanigans (and closed the beaches on the 4th of July,) Malloy would have remained 2nd worst.

69 percent of New Jersey voters disapprove of Christie, making him America’s least-liked Governor.  As for Sam Brownback, two thirds of Kansas voters despise him.

Apparently, it’s due to that major kerfuffle over his 2012 tax cuts.  Basically, his own party overrode his veto that scaled back those tax breaks.  Talk about embarrassing.

But, considering these two Governors made national headlines for their egregious actions, they sorta pale in comparison to Malloy’s record.

I mean, under him, Connecticut lost two of its biggest taxpayers.  And blamed them for wanting to leave, a totally classy move, by the way.

Connecticut also lost a severe amount of jobs that it never recovered.  Our budget is a disasterLayoffs are rampant.  The state is in the midst of a mass exodus.  Not to mention a renowned on-air personality called him out for his attitude.

Not to mention that he nearly went before a federal grand jury.  How he managed to walk away from that still baffles me.

Seriously, I can go on.

Basically, Connecticut elected a man to its highest office… and he can’t even balance a damn checkbook.  Stamford says hello, by the way.

Yet, Malloy and his party still believe you can spend your way out of bankruptcy.  Hartford says hello, by the way.

But, will he fix anything about his dismal approval rating?  Probably not.

Anyways, if you’re curious about who’s America’s most popular Governor: look up.  Republican Charlie Baker, of Massachusetts, remains America’s favorite Governor.

I would write to him asking how he managed to win the heart of a smurf blue state, something Malloy failed to do, but I think I’d waste my time.

The man has both ankles out the door and he’s just waiting for 2018’s election cycle to hog the limelight.

Speaking of, any clear picks for our next Governor?  Anyone you seriously want to see run next year?  Tell me in the comments below!

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