It took him a while, but our friend Governor Malloy returned to claim his crown.  Then again, the man’s only competition abdicated the throne last election.  So, once again, he regained the title of America’s most hated governor.

Bring out the confetti and streamers.

Fox 61 reports that out of all 50 governors in America, Malloy earned the lowest approval rating of all.  The results came from a new Morning Consult poll.

Only 23 percent of residents approve of him.  Yes, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback managed to beat him by one point.

However, you need to look at Malloy’s disapproval rating.  It shines on a national and historic scale.

A whopping 68 percent of residents completely disapprove of the bang-up job Malloy did in office.

Yes, nearly 70 percent of Connecticut completely disapproves of him.   Yes, when you become the least liked CT governor in history, you better make sure it’s by a landslide.  Weicker must be so proud.

Then again, people admitted that Weicker was somewhat likeable.  When people think of Malloy, likeable doesn’t necessarily spring to mind.

On top of that, Malloy is the same man who ushered in the two highest tax increases in state history…while Weicker only brought in the dreaded income tax.

But, under Malloy’s watch, the state still drowned in the red.  Actually, every aspect of the state government  flirted with insolvency.

Heck, our state transportation fund might actually hit rock bottom come 2020.

Not to mention General Electric implicated him as a main reason why they moved to Boston.  Aetna tried to leave, too, but that backfired.

And, both times, Governor Malloy blamed them for wanting to leave instead of vowing to make CT more competitive for businesses.

Then again, this guy had a meltdown when a radio host dared to call him “unlikeable” on air.

So, if Connecticut’s revolutionary cost of living and largest tax burden blossomed under your watch, all while losing some of the state’s major employers, people will hold you accountable.

Still, they voted for him twice.

Oh, wait, forgot the mysterious bags of ballots all voting for him that turned up at the 11th hour.  Yeah, if that happens in 2018 I think I’ll start throwing stuff.  Like Molotov Cocktails.

Safe to say, good thing Malloy decided not to chase a third term.  People would definitely freaked if the ball0t bag trick came into play for a 2nd time.

So, there you have it.  Governor Malloy is, once again, America’s most hated governor.   You knew it, we knew it, and now all of America knows it.

As for who earned top marks in this latest roundup?  Once again, Massachusetts governor, Charlie Baker, continues to ride on a tidal wave of popularity.

Now, for a Republican to be this well-liked in a Democratic stronghold, while a Democrat can’t even earn the favor of his people in his own deep blue fortress… then you know he dun f’ed up.  No other way to describe it.

How can a governor, with a democratic majority in a majorly democratic state, mess up this badly is absolutely hilarious.  Connecticut stacked the cards in Malloy’s favor and he STILL blew it.

So, I say Malloy definitely earned the title of most hated governor.

Sure, Chris Christie beat him, but Christie is no longer New Jersey’s governor.  So, the results don’t count for him.

Do you think Malloy’s unpopularity will affect the 2018 governor’s race?  Who do you want to succeed him?

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