Things aren’t looking too great for our governor.  A federal probe has been launched against Dannel Malloy.

After coming home from a post DNC-high where he presented himself as a perfect member of the Democratic Party, Malloy found himself knee deep in the brown stuff.  Oh, dear.  Word on the street is that our governor broke the law.

Did he?

There’s been a healthy serving of suspicion on a $250,000 donation from state contractors for his 2014 re-election campaign.  The Hartford Courant broke the news that  U.S. prosecutors  issued criminal subpoenas to investigate whether or not the state Democratic Party illegally used that money to bolster Malloy’s coffers.

Investigators will determine whether or not that money was, indeed, smuggled through the back door.  They will also figure out if Malloy broke the state’s clean elections law by taking public financing on top of additional donations.  Apparently you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

What that means is, Malloy may have his day in court and plead his case in front of a federal grand jury.  Considering how ex-Governor Rowland got the book thrown at him over a hot tub AND his under-the-table consulting

This issue was initially brought to light by state Republicans, who first raised the alarm.  However, a quick settlement to the tune of $325,000 to the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SSEC) kept the public from accessing any documents related to the incident, including emails and receipts.

So, even though the case was settled, why is it back in court?  You can thank our state Republicans for filing another complaint.  This time, they targeted the legal fees incurred during the settlement and questioned whether or not Democrats were honest about how much they paid their lawyer, David S. Golub, to represent them.

Obviously, this fiasco isn’t sitting well with many, who are accusing Democrats of playing by their own rules.

State Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano had some pretty strong words following the recent controversies surrounding Democratic politicians,  such as Malloy’s TSA kerfuffle, “It reveals the type of mentality and culture in the Democratic Party – that the rules don’t apply to them.”

So, what are your predictions?  Will the SSEC find Malloy guilty or are Republicans simply grasping at thin air?

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