Well, file this as one of the most terrible ideas in the history of ever.  Governor Malloy, the governor with the lowest approval rating in the NATION, thinks he should run for reelection.

Cue the laugh track.

The Hartford Courant says Governor Malloy is exploring the possibility of a third term in office.  Before you say anything, you have to ask yourself, “What else does this man got to lose?”   Not much, that’s for sure.

Considering this is the guy who racked up a $1.4 billion deficit, laid off hundreds of key employees, and is set to face a federal grand jury: it’s pretty safe to say his days are numbered.

And, let’s be real here, Democrats hate losing.  Unless Malloy runs against a gerbil, it’ll be damn near impossible for him to claim a third victory.  Unless an “undisclosed bag” of uncounted votes surfaces in Bridgeport again.

We all know Malloy spent the last two years with a foot out the door. He tirelessly cheered for Hillary Clinton and made it explicitly obvious that he had something lined up in Washington if she won. He was ready to kick Connecticut to the curb and the people took notice.

Why Hillary Clinton would want the man who effectively killed Connecticut on her team is beyond me, but I digress.

Why would Connecticut want to keep the man who slam dunked us into the proverbial dumpster fire that is our economy?

Well, Malloy’s supporters are hoping his symbolic stances will woo voters to elect him a third time.   Sure, let’s forget the mountain of failed policies this man enacted and focus on the feel-good aspects of his career. Like the time he got into a screaming match with now VP-elect Mike Pence.  Or the other time he said he’d defy deportations under President-elect Trump.

Yes, let’s focus on his personality and not his policies.  Mr. Congeniality deserves to be the most powerful man in Connecticut because he’s got a heart of gold.  Aww.  So sweet.

Seriously, do his supporters really think Connecticut will fall for that a third time?  That our collective short-term memory is that crippled?  Um.  Yes.  Most definitely.

Let’s look at the facts.  Malloy is Connecticut’s least-liked Governor in history.  No one will ever forgive him for making it possible for General Electric to cartwheel right on over to Massachusetts.  Plus, if that super unpopular mileage tax gets implemented despite our rallying cries against it, he’ll be toast.

Chaz, from 991 PLR, even wrote a poem chronicling Malloy’s misdeeds.

In short: besides a small fraction of Democrats, the only people hoping that Malloy seeks a third term are Republicans.  The election would be handed to them on a silver platter.


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