With the CT Governor’s race right around the corner all the players are starting to get out there and show face as much as they can. Especially the man who will most likely be trying to defend his seat come November, Dan Malloy.

The Governor went on CNN’s State of The Union last Sunday to do a little puff piece about his Irish heritage, the learning disabilities he had as a kid, his love for The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac, and the highlight of the interview… what Connecticut Pizza he enjoys the most.



First of all, leave it to CNN’s Candy Crowley to ask the pizza question in possibly the best unintentional comedy moment of all time. The way she delivers that question at the end of this interview is amazing. It’s like she was suffering through all of the other real questions until she could finally ask what had been burning inside her. Then when she says “Nothing like pepperoni on Sunday morning” you absolutely know she means that with all of her heart and stomach. It wasn’t just a funny small talk quip. We applaud you and your love of delicious tasty pie, Candy.

So Malloy is a Pepe’s guy huh? Interesting. I guess you can’t really argue with that. He also gave the other two a nice shout out which was nice.


via CNN




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