Looks like it’s not just ticks we have to worry about anymore.  Once again, nature’s favorite bloodsuckers brought a terrific gift into our neck of the woods.  So, beware.  West Nile is back in CT.

NBC Connecticut reports that several mosquitoes trapped in West Haven tested positive for West Nile Virus.  Making them the first crop of the year, which officially sounds off the bug spraying season.

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station said they trapped the infected bugs on June 29th.  Which is right on time.

The season typically starts around late-June and early-July.  Although, it’s surprising since every other bug on God’s green earth got an early start this year.  Like ticks and more ticks and gypsy moths.

But, we’ll take whatever small blessing we can get.  We could use the reprieve.

So, now that a couple of blood suckers tested positive for West Nile, it’s imperative you spray yourself before venturing outside.  While those infected with West Nile rarely show symptoms, you’re still at risk of developing a serious and sometimes-fatal neurological illness.

Since West Nile first knocked on our door in 2001, about 131 residents tested positive for the illness.  Three people succumbed to it.

Here’s some ways to protect yourself from an unnecessary sickness.  First and foremost, dispose of all standing water in your backyard since they serve as mosquito breeding grounds.

Secondly, wearing light-colored clothing deters bites.  It also helps you spot ticks should one happen to crawl on you.

Lastly, cover you and your family in bug spray that contains DEET whenever you go outside.  Mosquitoes are most active in the early morning and late evenings when the sun isn’t at its peak.

Plus, who likes itching mosquito bites anyway?  Not me.  So, if these helpful hints can deter those blood suckers, I’m all for them.  I’m basically candy to these critters, anyway.

While West Nile is back in CT, officials still have yet to trap mosquitoes testing positive for EEE and Zika.  So, at least we still have that.  For now.

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