You really should stock up on tick repellent.  Not only did the state record an insane amount of ticks recently, there’s also a rise in Lyme Disease, too.  Meaning, with it being peak tick season, your chances of coming down with a tick-borne illness just went up.

Greenwich Post reports that the Tick Testing Program recorded an abundance of ticks.  With that comes higher than average infection rates, as well.

More specifically, an increased amount of ticks carry Borrelia burgdoferi … AKA the agent that causes Lyme Disease.

Dr. Goudarz Molaei, who directs the CAES Tick Testing Program, cautions:

“We have received over 2,600 ticks so far this year for testing and greater than 40% have tested positive for Lyme disease spirochetes. This is roughly 10% higher than what we have typically seen over the last five years.”

Even worse, the TTP found more ticks carrying Babesia microti, which causes babesiosis.  Basically, the tick-version of malaria.  The parasitic illness attacks your red blood cells so your pee turns red or even black.  In some cases it causes jaundice, where your skin turns yellow.

Dr. Theodore Andreadis, Director of the CAES, explained why people need to take precaution during peak tick season:

“We are in the midst of a peak activity for nymphal stages of blacklegged “deer” ticks […] that are often difficult to detect because of their small size and propensity to quickly attach and feed.”

Doctors recommend that you use repellent whenever you venture outside.  In addition, thoroughly check yourself and your pets before going back inside the home.

If you find a tick on you, remove it with a pair of tweezers.  Since hot water tends to kill these buggers, give it a dip under the faucet before flushing it.

Nearly 329,000  come down with Lyme Disease every year and 2,022 of them are here in CT.  With it being peak tick season and officials finding more ticks carrying this disease, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you do exhibit symptoms of Lyme and your test comes back negative, order another one.  Lyme Disease is known for causing a lot of “false negatives,” which explains how some people go undiagnosed for years.

Why do you think we’re seeing way more ticks nowadays.  Also, why are we seeing more and more of them carrying Lyme Disease and other illnesses?

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