Here we go again.  Dreaming about money that we hope to win.

Because no one won Powerball last weekend, the jackpot is now one of the largest in history.  CT Post reports that, at $403 million, that jackpot is the 10th largest of all time.  So, if you win the whole shebang, you get to take home a whopping $243.9 million.

Well, for now.  That jackpot is expected to grow before Wednesday’s drawing.   Hey, maybe if the trend continues, it can beat that billion dollar jackpot that got everyone crazy a year ago.

While some fell into the hype, others saw a conspiracy.

Okay, let’s be clear, many call the lottery a tax on stupid people.  Others believe the mafia controls the winning numbers.  While the rest predicts it’ll be yet another little old lady living in Florida who’ll win this time.

The point is, naysayers shouldn’t focus just on the grand prize and the improbability of winning it all.  The potential for winning something is significantly higher.  Sometimes, it’s just as nice to take even a fraction of the jackpot home.

Like, this one local guy who took home an extra $50,000!   Does that sound like a lot of money?  To the winner, it’s a life changer!  It’s a new car, a fixed boiler, or paying off his student loans.  Sure, it’s not enough to put him into a new tax bracket, but the money is definitely going to good use!

Still, Connecticut is overdue of having a grand prize Powerball winner of its own.   However, it was home to 24,581 minor winners just last Saturday.

So, your chances of winning SOMETHING are pretty solid.  The chances of you winning the whole kit n kaboodle?  Not so much, but it’s nice to dream.

So, if you’re feeling just a little bit lucky, pick yourself up a $2 ticket when you fill your gas tank tonight.  Who knows, maybe you’ll become the first multi-million dollar Powerball winner Connecticut has been hoping for!

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