May the farce be with us!

Many fans of the much beloved Star Wars series collectively held their breath after hearing the seemingly wonderful news from Hollywood. Daily News was reporting that the next Star Wars movie will be filmed in Connecticut!

Unfortunately, we were so caught up in our emotions that we didn’t stop and think that maybe this was too good to be true.  Then again, Indiana Jones 4 was filmed right here in CT, so why not Star Wars?

Turns out, Daily News is a satire site – but it made a pretty convincing article to those unaware that lies and deceit run amok on the Internet. The article claimed that New Britain was chosen to represent a previously unknown planet in the Star Wars canon.  And here we thought it made TOTAL sense, I mean Connecticut is like a planet of its own.

And then the article went on to rouse the thespians seeking their big break:  claiming production was going to hire a relatively large amount of extras and that filming was to begin sometime next year.

And, of course, the final hook that made the article appear convincing – it credited Connecticut’s aggressive strategy to entice Hollywood with amazing tax breaks as the reason why this was supposedly happening.

It did make for fun guessing games though, with some fans theorizing that “planet” New Britain was something that had fallen under Kylo Ren’s rule  Gotta hand it to Daily News, they sure know how to work a crowd.

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