For the first time in our recorded history, a great white shark has been seen off the coast of Connecticut!

A 10 foot, 500 pound shark by the name of Cabot was spotted in Greenwich just hangin’ out. Doing shark things.

Of course, the shark ALREADY had a Twitter before being spotted so there’s been a mass following of Cabot.

Cabot was spotted off the coast of North Carolina just last week, so he’s got some serious miles on his fins…and experts are saying that seeing Cabot in this area is a good thing!

Chris Fischer, Osearch’s founding chairman and expedition leader said. “I know they’ve been working hard in the sound to clean it up and to get life to come back to the region and when you have an apex predator like Cabot move in to the area, that’s a sign there’s a lot of life in the area and you’ve probably got things moving in the right direction.”

So hopefully Cabot has a great taste in radio stations and food, because Connecticut’s got both.

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