That headline isn’t just there for no reason. Right now, here, is your opportunity to really and truly guess how much Dunkin Donuts Park, the future home of the Hartford Yard Goats, is going to cost once all is said and done. Go ahead and think of a number.

Of course, you don’t want to forget the starting figure of $60 million that former Mayor Pedro Segurra estimated. And you have to factor in the ambitious one-year timeline. Oh, and don’t leave out the delays, the designs and redesigns and re-redesigns of certain aspects of the construction, improvements to the surrounding area, and the ongoing legal battle between the city and the developer’s insurance company about who is going to pay to finish the darn thing.

Got all that? Good. Now come up with a number and post it in the comments before reading the rest of this, because I really want to see what people think this thing is going to cost.

Will you guesses be optimistic and leave your jaw hanging when you see the real number? Or, like most people in Connecticut, are you pessimistic about our public officials’ ability to do anything right the first time, and will you breath a sigh of relief when you see the final tally?

Those are the questions I’m looking to answer, and now that you’ve (hopefully) posted your guesses in the comments below, I can now reveal to you just how much Dunkin Donuts is going to cost to finish. According to WNPR, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin estimates the final cost of the stadium will approach $100 million at the end of the day.

So, were you close? I’m guessing most people were pretty spot on here. This whole thing has been a mess from day 1, and the team still hasn’t played a single game in Hartford even though 2016 was supposed to be their inaugural season. Here’s hoping they can figure this mess out and pay the hefty tab before 2017 kicks off.

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