Now while I personally didn’t own one until 1990, Nintendo’s chunky, eye straining Game Boy was launched in Japan, on April 21, 1989 (hey, it’s already tomorrow over there) and while it kind of looked like a hunk of junk, it’s the handheld console that became as much of a must-have as a Sony Walkman and turned a generation of kids (and adults) into full fledged Tetris addicts.



The Game Boy didn’t end up launching in the USA until later that summer, and Nintendo ended up selling nearly 120 MILLION units worldwide. So, despite its drab screen and colorless graphics, it’s not like the handheld didn’t have a legion of fans.

So with that said, I’m going to list my top 5 Game Boy games ever, and I’d be curious to see what else you’d like to make a case for in the comments section below.


5) Baseball – One of the original titles available for the Game Boy, and it was an exact copy of the NES version featuring a whole whopping six Major League Baseball teams, and little fat guys who swung bats that kinda looked like their wangs. It was simple, and just plain fun to play.



4. Dr. Mario – Also pretty much identical to the NES version of the game, Dr. Mario for the Game Boy became an instant classic.  In keeping with the graphical limitations of the handheld, the viruses came in only three colors: black, white and gray.  Dr. Mario was pure video game crack.



3. Super Mario Land – The original Mario game  for the Game Boy, it did its best to be a close to a Mario game as it the monochrome handheld could logistically put on screen. But make no doubt about it, it was most certainly a Mario game through n’ through.  Also, don’t forget that Mario had sick moves like the power ball (a bouncing fireball-like attack), a torpedo-wielding submarine and a missile-shooting airplane. Mario Land was the shit.



2. Golf – The simply named “Golf”  will likely be scoffed at for making this top 5 (let alone it being this high on the list) but the fact that it offered 18-hole courses where players play a round of golf, and was extremely in-depth considering the hardware it was being played on. A player got to choose clubs, adjust stance and control the swing and features three alternating views. That’s common coin now, sure, but then? On a Gameboy? C’mon. This game was incredibly addicting, and one of my all-time favorite time wasters.



1. Tetris – The classic Russian puzzle game that has spawned like, a billion other clones, Tetris was the game that came pre-packaged with the original Game Boy, and it should always be considered the best original Game Boy game, because quite frankly, it is. Tetris is, and always will be the king.



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