Sigh.  Couldn’t we bask in our glory just a little bit longer?  You know, when a national survey named CT one of the safest states for families?  Well, that short-lived celebration is no more.  Because, we’re back to being terrible. And it’s about our business climate.

WFSB reports that WalletHub, the click-bait website that loves to hate on us, had nothing nice to say about our business climate.    Out of all 50 states, CT ranked 7th worst.


So, what did WalletHub call us out on this time around?  Well, the list goes on and on and on.  Don’t hold your breath if you’re hoping that they’ll say something nice about us.  Because they didn’t.

The personal finance website claimed our business costs came in 49th place while our business environment sputtered in 34th place.  As for our access to resources, we did fare well there: at 8th.

But, it still wasn’t enough to save our deplorable reputation.  Because, WalletHub condemned our economy, saying we’re worse than Delaware.

I know, right??

Yeah, the states we’re supposedly better than aren’t all that exciting, either.  Unless if you count beating Rhode Island and New Jersey some sort of accomplishment.

Then again, we could very well be New Jersey or Rhode Island.   Or Maryland, who came in dead last this year.  Makes you wonder what they’re doing wrong, doesn’t it?  Because here we all thought Connecticut’s penchant for chasing out businesses solidified our spot at the bottom.

Nope.  Again, all thanks to our access to resources.  By that, I bet they mean closeness to Boston and New York City.

Where most of our businesses wind up escaping to.

Anyways, the top states to beat: North Dakota, Texas and Utah.  Makes you wonder what they’re doing so right.  Can Dan Malloy call them up and ask for some pointers?  I’m sure he’d find that conversation truly beneficial.


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