As usual it is hard to believe that there is actual research on this subject matter, but according to Business Insider, Connecticut’s city of Norwich has come in 19th in the country for being the most hungover.

Of the residents asked, 7.09% admitted to heavy drinking and 18.47% admitted to binge drinking.  The findings were based on the amount of bars and liquor stores in the area, along with questioning the residents on their drinking habits.

Most of the midwest took most of the spots according to Business Insider.  Here’s a list of the top 10:


10. Scranton, Pennsylvania

9. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

8. Salisbury, Maryland

7. Denver, Colorado

6. Missoula, Montana

5. Great Falls, Montana

4. Burlington, Vermont

3. Manhattan, Kansas

2. Billings, Montana

1. Lawrence, Kansas

Montana sounds like a party.  How many of the top ten places can one state possibly take?  On second thought, I bet it’s because there’s nothing else to do there but drink…

Click here to see the full list of the top 25 most hungover cities in the country.

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