There comes a time in every beer’s life when it has to look in the mirror and ask what it’s about. Is it about the history of its brewery? Is it about riding the cutting edge of experimental craft brews? Or is it just about having a great (and responsible) time drinking with your friends?

For Guinness, that moment of reflection came and the answer was swift: Guinness is about all 3.

Sure, it’s got the 250-year history of providing one of the world’s best stouts. No one argues Guinness Draught’s popularity and the centuries of work that went into creating its perfection.

And yes, it’s absolutely got the well-established tie-in to one of our craziest holidays. If you don’t have at least one pint of Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day, you’re doing it wrong. Plain and simple.

But that third characteristic, a brewery that crafts the experimental brews that have become so popular here in the United States, was not what Guinness saw in the mirror.

Until now.

Tomorrow when you’re out at the bar, decked out in green, and staring down a long row of taps trying to decide what your first pint will be, you will almost certainly have the opportunity to try the first beer in Guinness’ Discovery Series: The Guinness American Blonde Lager.

We’ll give you a moment to pick up the pieces of your now-blown mind. After years of ordering a Guinness and getting a dark beer with a creamy white head, receiving a pint of a crisp, blonde lager is a big adjustment.

But adjust you shall, because this beer is the perfect combination of American ingenuity and Guinness’ experience.

Brewed right in Pennsylvania, the Guinness American Blonde Lager combines American hops with Guinness’ world-famous yeast resulting in a beer that is vibrant in color, full of flavor, and crisp and refreshing in taste.

It’s a beer you can sip responsibly throughout the entirety of tomorrow’s festivities. It’s a beer you can recommend to your friends and look like a genius. And yes, it’s a beer that will surprise you and keep you coming back for more. Simply put, it’s a brew worth trying.

So when you wake up tomorrow morning, with a full slate of St. Patrick’s Day revelry ahead of you, take a moment to look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’re about.

Are you only about sticking to tradition?

Are you only about making sure you have a great time?

Or, like Guinness, are you about all of that and more?

We certainly think you are, and Guinness does too. But if you don’t see that in the mirror when you wake up, have a Guinness American Blonde Ale and check again. Something tells us you might just change your tune.

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