Guinness Releases 200th Anniversary Stout Just In Time For Saint Patrick’s Day

You can’t celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day without having a beer. It doesn’t matter how you’re planning to do so — whether you’re attending a parade, enjoying some corn beef and cabbage, or just hanging out in your local bar — having a beer if you’re legally able to is an essential part of the holiday.

However, there’s nothing better to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day than enjoying a Guinness. 2017 marked the 200th anniversary of Guinness importing beer in the U.S. The brand declared that “1817 marked the beginning of America’s love affair with Guinness stout.”

To celebrate that love affair, Guinness released a brew remnant of the recipe of the original shipped back in October 1817. This brew is dark and is almost ruby red, and has a dark, smooth and rich flavor, with a chocolate and toffee taste to it.

Founded in Ireland in 1759 and shipping to the U.S. almost 60 years later, Guinness has been “importing beer in the U.S longer than any other brewery around,” according to an article on Food and Wine entitled “Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout Celebrates the Brand’s First Export in America.” The article goes onto state that it beats other breweries such as Yingling, which was founded in 1829, meaning that it was founded a full 70 years before America’s Oldest Brewery.

That’s a pretty long time to be brewing beer if you ask me.

But, you better get your hands on this soon — it’s only around for a limited time. And, there are two ways you can get your hands on it. They are sold in six packs, and are also included in the 200 years of stout pack.

Therefore, grab a six pack for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. After all, there’s nothing more Irish than a glass of Guinness.

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