You can’t make this stuff up.   Several schools went into lockdown yesterday for a reported gun on campus… turns out it was a mic stand.

True that school shootings are no laughing matter… but you have to laugh at this particular case.

Ridgefield Press reports that a reported “gunman” forced Western Connecticut State University into lockdown yesterday.  Several area schools also went into a temporary lockdown as police responded.

Obviously, as the event unfolded, some people claimed to have heard gun shots or that police were looking for a second suspect.  You know, people hyping themselves into a tizzy because what else are you to do when trapped in a classroom?

After an extensive hour and a half, the school and responding officers deduced the students were completely safe.  Why?

Well, turns out that gun someone apparently saw turned out to be an innocent mic stand.  Yep.  Don’t know how someone confused the two, but here we are.

Seriously, they don’t even look remotely similar.  Someone definitely failed basic shapes class in kindergarten.

That or that person never saw a gun in their life.

Then again, maybe they saw a quick glint of something shiny and their mind played a trick on them.  Obviously school shootings are a real issue so students must obviously feel like targets from time to time.

The possibility of walking into an active shooting situation is, sadly, a new reality.  So, with that threat always lingering in the back of students minds, maybe the person saw what they believed/dreaded.

We will never know for sure, but to someone, a mic stand really was a shiny and chrome rifle.

You can hear school officials shaking their head in this “all clear” message:


Obviously, those reports of gun shots and accomplices turned out to be the byproduct of a fever dream.  We can blame this collective hallucination on people wanting to live in fear, rising stress levels, or rampant paranoia.  But, either way, this situation seriously worried parents and students alike and these false reports made a simple matter a lot worse.

Will this happen again?  Probably.  But, for now, we should be grateful this was just a mic stand and not the real thing.

And, sure, laugh a little because, really… how can you mix those two up?  Here, allow me to meme this for posterity…


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