Urban exploring is something I’ve always been fascinated with – exploring decrepit, abandoned buildings, sections that are off-limits to the general public. A couple weeks back, everyone made a big deal about the kid who was able to get to the top of the new World Trade Center, or those guys that BASE jumped off the Freedom Tower. That’s cool and all, but those buildings are all brand new. What about the really dangerous parts of the city?

That’s where this guy comes in. 2e is a photographer who takes us on a tour of NYC by bike, late on a quiet night, and into some amazing areas. Like the old Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg. Where he climbs up to the top smokestack. Like Spider-Man to the top of this landmark that every Brooklyn hipster knows:


He climbed to the top of this! (Image: Wikipedia)

Or climbing to the top of the Williamsburg bridge. Or random tunnels in the city.  I take it back, not Spider-Man – it looks more like what Batman would see if he was real and lived in NYC. It’s awesome – enjoy!

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