Local morning television is some of the most unintentionally entertaining television you will ever watch. The awkward anchors trying to make awkward jokes with each other, while painful to watch is just hilarious. It’s not hard to pull one over on these local TV morning shows and that is exactly what Chef Keith did over the holidays this past year.



Chef Keith Guerke went on five different morning TV shows in the mid-west to promote his new cookbook with all different recipes to make from your leftovers. This sounds the the perfect holiday puff piece for these morning shows right? Sure, it would have been except for the fact that it was all completely fake. Keith Guerke is not a chef. He doesn’t even know how to cook! Which is what makes the prank so great. His delivery and performance is near Oscar worthy. It also just proves how extremely gullible these TV morning shows can be. It blows my mind how dedicated they are to just making the bit work. No matter how ridiculous it gets they are just trying to get through it and try to make in their minds, “good TV”.

The videos just went up and started making the rounds this week.



Obviously this just an elaborate well planned promotional prank. “Chef Keith” is actually played by a man by the name of Mark Proksch who had some help from fellow mastermind Joe Pickett. Pickett along with Nick Prueher are the guys responsible for Chef Keith. They are also the creators of the Found Footage Festival, which kicks off it’s tour this week.

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(via Deadspin)



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