Is this the greatest heist of 2016?

Someone hacked Sacred Heart University’s Verizon account and ordered $27,488 worth of iPhones.  That’s about 50 iPhones if you wanted the math.

And he got away with it, too, because there was no meddling kids!

So here’s how it went down.  Fairfield Citizen says FedEx attempted to deliver the phones on March 25th, but the school offices were obviously closed due to it being Good Friday.

The thief was then able to mosey his way into the FedEx distribution center in Stratford where the phones were ripe for the picking.

Right now, police are reviewing security images to identify the thief but no arrests have been made so far.  As if the plot wasn’t thick enough, the packages were made out to a Sacred Heart alumni who graduated in the 90’s.

But there is a happy ending for Sacred Heart, though! Verizon has reportedly restored the university’s account and credited them for all those fraudulently purchased phones.

Still, this entire heist is worthy of a crime special on 60 Minutes in my book.  What this guy did was plain rotten, no doubt about that, but you have to admit his plan was utterly meticulous.

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