A Halloween Costume You Probably Won’t Understand

A Halloween Costume You Probably Won’t Understand
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Where’s the fun in a Halloween costume that people will instantly recognize? Since I was a little kid I’ve been dressing as weirdo historical and cultural figures: Betsy Ross. Medusa. Miss Havisham.

It’s ok if you have to google any of those. That would make me happy, actually, because I LIKE dressing up in costumes that people don’t get. I understand that there’s a shared delight in being recognizable/being recognized, but there’s also real satisfaction in obscurity. It’s why film geeks like to test your coolness factor with movie quotes, or music nerds get haughty about deep cuts. Halloween costumes are my limited edition B-side.

I’m not going out of my way to confuse people and therefore feel smarter than or superior to them. I promise. When I was a kid I was just REALLY INTO the American flag. When I was in college I was just REALLY INTO Greek mythology. I am REALLY INTO Charles Dickens. One year I was REALLY INTO how hilarious the rivalry between Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, so my best friend and I dressed as them, circa the great SNL Acid Reflux Incident of 2004. My Halloween costumes are born from an authentic love of dorky references. And an authentic joy in bringing those references to life with poorly but lovingly crafted homemade costumes.

So it is with earnest pride and no intended inside joke snobbery whatsoever that I give you…this.





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