Heaven is real.  And you can find it at Donut Crazy.  Because they have one heck of a prize to give away just in time for National Doughnut Day.

Imagine winning a dozen donuts every month for an entire year.  Because that’s happening.  And it can happen to you.

I wonder if you can demand the prize up front.  Hmmm.  I should ask them.  Who wouldn’t want to dive in a pool filled with delicious donuts?

Don’t lie to me.  I know the answer.

So, if you’re a creative person who’s been dreaming up amazingly new doughnut flavors, Donut Crazy wants to hear from you.  No, seriously, they want you to create their new doughnut.  They even teamed up with CT Bites for this exciting new fantasy flavor contest.

Here’s how you enter.  Click on the link above, write out your doughnut idea (be sure to include your email in the comment,) and that’s it!

If Donut Crazy chooses your entry, you win free donuts for a year AND they will sell your doughnut, too! For a limited time, though.  But those bragging rights are forever, my friend.

Nothing’s off the table, either.  You want maple bacon oreo cotton candy banana foster-flavored donut, then tell them.   Who knows, that flavor combo might just be the winner!

The contest doesn’t say when it ends, but I assume it won’t be for very long.  So, think hard and think smart.  What flavor doughnut would you want to eat or try?   Because, that could win you UNLIMITED DOUGHNUTS.

Well, more like UNLIMITED FRIENDS because donuts are meant for sharing and friendship can be bought with dangerously sweet food.  Just sayin’.  That’s how it works for me.

So, best of luck to you, dear citizen.  May the best doughnut creation win.  (Which is totally mine, by the way.  Wedding cake FTW!)

And, if you so happen to be the winner, please share your spoils with me.  Because I freakin’ love donuts.

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