Ah, Opening Day of Major League Baseball. The sure sign that warm weather is here, summer is around the corner, and baseball fans in Connecticut will never agree on one team to cheer for.

Living in Connecticut during baseball season is quite the experience. I have never seen anything like it actually. Growing up in Massachusetts just 25 minutes outside of Boston all I ever knew was Red Sox nation. That’s who my Dad, my friends, and everyone I came in contact with rooted for.

In Connecticut you could literally draw a line somewhere in Milford that separates the Yankees/Red Sox fans in the state. It’s fascinating. Then you have the few Mets stragglers here and there. Who by the way are looking like a decent team this year so you might see a little more of the orange in blue here in the state by summertime.

In celebration of Opening Day we ask you the Connecticut baseball fan, who are you routing for this baseball season?



Top Image via harvardsportsanalysis.wordpress.com

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