While you are up getting ready to cook that giant bird today we remind you to be very careful.

Hopefully your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance is all paid up. Because if you manage to blow up your house this holiday season, your insurance company will have to to write you a big fat check.

According to Allstate, insurance claims jump 15% during the holiday season because of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s accidents.

Here are the average insurance claims for four of the most common ones…


1.  The number of people setting their houses on fire while FRYING TURKEYS jumps 300% during the holiday season.  The average insurance claim is $29,000.


2.  Candles are the top cause of home fires during the holidays.  The average insurance claim after a serious candle fire is $50,000.


3.  When a Christmas tree causes a fire, the fire’s usually BAD.  The average insurance claim after a Christmas tree fire is over $100,000.


4.  Around New Year’s Eve, the number of fires caused by FIREWORKS doubles.  The average claim is $14,000.


There’s also a 7% increase in your risk of a THEFT during the holidays, and a 19% increase in the risk of a SEWER BACK-UP. Gross.

So just be careful out there this holiday season people.


source: marketwatch


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